Global Talpakeros was created to inspire people who managed to spend their money playing online sabong but we encourage them also to exercise the will of caring and sharing within the social equilibrium. Helping hand in future for the benefits of the less for giving response those in needs. That #TALPAKEROS worldwide is aware that people is our friends. FOR YOUR CONCRETE CONTACT INFORMATION WITH US; FACEBOOK PAGE - FACEBOOK PERSONAL ACCOUNT ADMIN - FACEBOOK GROUP - FARMBOOK ACCOUNT 1 - FARMBOOK ACCOUNT 2 - Middle East Contact number - +97430978026(whatsappchat & direct call) Philippines messaging number - +639756513540(whatsappchat)
Tatak Excellence
A leading pro-client company with unquestionable product quality and integrity that excels in promoting the industry it is in - with the end result of providing business opportunities to Filipino agri-entrepreneurs and excellent animal health and nutritional base for breeders, raisers, fanciers and hobbyists
Talpakerang hilaw😌🤌🏻
Looking for Player and Agent Online sabong 💸💸💸 ✅Fast Approval  ✅Fast cash ins and Fast cash outs.  ✅24/7 active hindi kita tutulugan🖐 ✅With daily update and Fight schedule. ✅Mode of payment via Gcash and bank to bank. 📍Also looking for Gold Agent.  ✅High Commision- Release weekly 😉 ✅Halikana at magpahiyang 😉 ✅Friendly Loaders and M.A ✅Small bettors are welcome